2017 and Beyond

555 Fitness was started with an idea and a mission. Like so many before us we mapped out our future and started down a path. On our road to create a positive change there have been roadblocks, detours, and  wrong turns along with many success stories. We have learned this business as it has grown. We have poured hours of our own time into this, to make it what you see today. To date, we have been able to donate over $26K in functional fitness equipment to fire departments nationwide.

We aren’t planning on changing what we do at all, just the way we do it. That’s where you come in. We believe that success in personal fitness requires an amazing team. Sure, you’re putting in the work, but having a great team around you, helps to make you better.  We want YOU, YOUR DEPARTMENT, YOUR GYM and YOUR COMMUNITY to join together and become part of the 555 Fitness Family.

How you may ask?  Well, by partnering together with a local gym to raise funds for the Functional Fitness Equipment your department needs. You create the Event, you create the partnership, you raise the funds and we use them to get you amazing equipment from our partners in the fitness world. Sounds easy enough right?  But wait, there’s more.  This isn’t just for firefighters anymore. We are looking to work with any emergency service provider, police, fire, ems, lifeguards, hotshots, if you’re in the emergency response family, we want to help you get quality equipment.

These events can be competitions, daily workouts, races, even monthly check ins.  This is not limited to just “crossfit boxes”. Considering some out there label us at the Crossfit Firefighters, we are dispelling that right here and right now. We are all about fitness. So don’t be afraid to approach your local yoga center, MMA gym, powerlifting club, or spinning palace.  This is all about advancing fitness in emergency services, not branding it.

For more information please email and pay attention to this blog and our social media channels as more information is coming forthwith.

TRAIN HARD             DO WORK              STAY SAFE