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Applications will have an open enrollment for 10 days. The applications are made available PRIOR to these days, and we encourage all applicants to have download and fill out the application before they are time period they are due. Any application that is NOT FULLY completed is disqualified and the sender of that particular application is NOT notified that it was incomplete.

Once an application is submitted, the staff of 5-5-5 will go through all entries and any applications that are not completed and signed are disqualified. Each 5-5-5 Staff member then picks from qualified applications to forward the top applications to a panel of judges that are not a part of the organization but are related to either the fire service and/or fitness world. All names and identifying marks are removed from all applications forwarded to the panel of judges. Each application is numbered and each judge votes for the application/s they deem most worthy simply by their number without knowing anything about who the applicant is or where they are from.

After the judges have ranked the applicants, the winning department is chosen, notified and allowed to package of equipment from three pre-set packages that best suits their member’s needs. At this time, a date is set for delivery of the equipment and two of the 555 staff members come to the department to formally present the equipment and give the members of the department the necessary training on the equipment. Please visit if you wish to receive instructions on downloading the application. If you have any further questions please email us at