FAQ Page

What is 5-5-5 Fitness?

We are a group of firefighter, EMT’s and Paramedics, who feel we can make a positive change within the professions we love. We our a mission based not for profit, with one goal in mind. To reduce Cardiac related LODD’s through functional fitness. We have grown from a grassroots Facebook page to a nationally recognized 501c3, supported by private donors and our very own apparel brand.

What is our philosophy?

We believe in four words, TRAIN HARD DO WORK , its plain and simple. As emergency services providers, we constantly TRAIN HARD AND DO WORK, in every aspect of our craft. At times, out personal fitness lacks, and this is unacceptable. The public trusts in us to response at a moments notice to THEIR emergency and to provide a level of service that is top notch. We ask each of our followers, to take a personal assessment of themselves and their physical readiness. Is your personal fitness the best it can be, are you able to perform without feeling fatigued, wore out, or worse, becoming a victim yourself.

How do we accomplish our goal?

The goal to reduce LODD due to cardiac related events is lofty. Considering it has been the leading killer of firefighters for the past 13 years and there isn’t one large organization directly attempting to change it except for our own. However, we feel that by taking personal accountability for our own fitness, our departments will follow suit. Firefighter fitness is contagious. Emergency responders are very much type A personalities, and the same attitude that has us going towards danger, when everyone else is going away can inspire us on our own fitness journey.

What does 5-5-5 Fitness do?

Each day, we provide free workouts on multiple platforms. These workouts aren’t meant to be followed to the letter of the law. They are meant as a catalyst within our community. They are meant to bring everyone together, so its not his way of fitness, or her way of working out. Its now our way, the 555 Fitness way. Our functional fitness workouts are derived from several different fitness worlds and from our fans themselves.

We currently offer 2 days WODS (Workout Of the Day). Our honor wod program is meant to
honor the 343 FDNY firefighter who made the ultimate sacrifice on Sept 11 2001. These WODS are meant to challenge even the most seasoned firefighter athlete. Yes, even the ones with salty staches too. We also offer a “bodyweight” WOD, this is usually a quick workout, meant to be done with little to no equipment. Thus eliminating the excuse , I have no equipment or time to get in a good workout.

What does 5-5-5 mean?

5-5-5 refers to a commonly utilized signal within the fire service for a Line of Duty Death (LODD). Before the 911 system became standard, fire departments nationwide were notified of alarms through a bell system. Most departments had a signal stating the call was over and the company had returned to quarters. This signal generally finds it base in the number 5. Different departments use different codes, however the number 5 always appears. After some internet research , the founders of 5-5-5 Firefighter Fitness learned that three 5’s was the most common code used. Being our mission is the reduce LODD due to cardiac related events, we adopted some fire service tradition with our name.

Are the staff at 5-5-5 Firefighter Fitness actually firefighters?

Yes, we are all active duty firefighters , EMTS and Paramedic. 5-5-5 is a passion of ours, and we spend a great amount of our off time, committed to our mission and goals.

Are all your workouts free?

Yes, 5-5-5 does not charge for any of our programming.

Do I have to be an emergency services provider to participate?

No, our workouts can be done by anyone , anywhere. Emergency service providers are just like everyone else. We just chose to risk our lives, to save others on a regular basis. However, when it comes to physical fitness, anyone can do the same workouts that we do.