Marriage is Like a Good Workout


Today, I celebrate 10 years of marriage with Mrs. Pip. You’re probably reading this and asking yourself, what does marriage have to with a firefighter fitness page??? ¬†Actually, if you’re a firefighter, you’re probably not, because you know, that our families at home are the most important part of our lives. When we walk out that door to start our shift, or answer a call, it could be the last time we see our loved ones. The choices we make each and every day, affect them, as much as they affect us.

Mrs. Pip has been rock for over 10 years. She has been my sounding board and my grounding board, she has been my best friend, my biggest critic and the love of my life. I can so clearly remember asking her if she thought it was a good idea to help a stranger I met on the internet with this 555 Fitness thing he was starting.

People thank me all the time for 555 , but in reality, I have to thank them. This 555 thing has changed me for the better. It has strengthened my relationship with Tracey (minus the travel schedule of course), it has made me a better father to our sons and a better fire officer to the men and women I work with. It’s really amazed me how much power fitness can have over us, both physically and mentally.

Below is a passage written by a member of the 555 Fitness family. It was read at her wedding, just 2 short weeks ago to another member of the 555 Fitness family ( FYI, we had nothing to do with that, they came as a package deal). I believe it captures this thing we call fitness, and this thing we call marriage perfectly and I cannot thank her enough for writing it.

Marriage is like a good workout. If it’s not challenging, you’re probably not doing it right. Every single day is not going to be your best day. There are going to be days you’re tired, days you’re just not feeling well, times you’re stressed and days you will grunt, curse and cry your way through. It’s those days, however, that you push through your work out and you push through your marriage. And it’s with that extra push that you and it become stronger. They grow. Vice versa, there will be unquestionably be days you feel good. There will be days you feel stronger than ever. Days you know there isn’t a single work out or marriage better than the one you’re experiencing that very second. It’ll push you past limits you didn’t believe existed. It’ll inspire you, it’ll make you feel fulfilled, satisfied and hungry all the same. It’ll make you honest, it’ll make you confident and most importantly it’ll make you better. Work out’s, just like a marriage, are not designed to be easy. Again, if it’s not challenging you, you’re probably not doing it right. However, just like a workout, making the decision to do marriage can be incredibly easy if it’s something you love, are passionate about a desire to make apart of your life every day. It is rewarding. It is amazing. It is life changing and it is worth it. Work out’s and marriage a like, no one ever says they’re going to be easy, just that they’ll be worth it. — Brii Kingsley (Keegan now)