Now I know a Celebrity Chef

Just in case you missed it, my good friend AJ Fusco, of the Fork and Hose Co won the first ever firefighter addition of  Guy’s Grocery games the other night on the food network. How awesome is that. Mrs. Pip and I were lucky enough to be able to join AJ, his friends and amazing family at his viewing party. So not only did he win, he got awarded best ish, he is buying his mom a dishwasher and, to top all of that off, he is donating $3000 to fund his own 555 Fitness grant for a deserving department.

13975460_10100271866953562_3721921143145629493_o    Let’s just say this now, the dude is LEGIT.

So, how did I meet Arthur (shh, that’s his real name) you may ask. Like you meet most people these days, online. The Fork and Hose Co IG page started right around the same time as I started the 555 one. I’m not sure how, but we became fast friends. Before I knew it, he was on his way to FDIC with us. Which , if you’re paying real close attention, is where we met the one and only Chief Miller and our very own IG guy, the OG Huffman. Anyhow, back to AJ.

AJ started out sharing pics of other firefighter’s meals and their recipes. Very proud to say that yours truely has been featured a few times. However, he wanted to highlight the fact that firefighters ate healthy as well as hearty. So instead of just sharing pic after pic of chili recipes, he did something unheard of, and began sharing dishes that had a healthier spin. As Fork and Hose Co grew, 555 grew. We were figuring out social media together and having a great time along the way. Something his fans may not know, is Mr. FnH himself is a workout freak as well.

AJ decided that he wanted to go to culinary school. He felt as though cooking was another passion, but like a good firefighter, he wanted to make sure he was doing it all right. Of course we were all super stoked when we found out he was going, however we were equally sad, because AJ wouldn’t be able to join us on any 555 trips until he was done. I have a feeling now that he won, he will be so popular we will be joining him on trips though.

But back to the show. AJ did not have to donate any of his winnings to 555 Fitness. He chose to on his own, well I’m sure he spoke to Mrs. Fork N Hose aka Jess about it first. He knows that 555 can’t get anywhere without money and we are beyond thankful for his generousity .

Talk about brotherhood right. So stay tuned to both of our blogs to learn more about this special 555/Fork and Hose Co grant. In the meantime, make sure to follow AJ’s blog and check out our co branded T-shirt “the equation”


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Pip is the director of 555 Fitness and a Lieutenant with the City Of New Brunswick Fire Department in New Jersey. Pip is also a NREMT-P and a Crossfit Level 1 instructor who coaches at Iron Crossfit North Brunswick