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Recipient of the 2019 3rd Quarter Strength is Our Foundation Grant

Auburn Fire Division is a 5 station dept with a total of 96 members and a unique opportunity to affect numerous men and women.

“We are a unique department in that we have a student program. This student program is similar to a scholarship in which our fire department pays for a student’s education in exchange for training and working as a firefighter for our department. We host a recruit school annually and have a handful of the surrounding areas who send their recruits through our program. During the orientation process, applicants will receive an 8-week physical training plan designed to prepare them for the CPAT and recruit school.”

“Our student program that brings in young, moldable applicants from the age of 18-24, and our relationship with the Department of Kinesiology at Auburn University, which preforms studies on various effects on firefighters such as heat, and proper training, sets us apart from other departments. After obtaining their desired education (we have had pre-med students, engineers, firefighters obtaining fire science degrees, to name a few), our students move to different departments nationwide.”