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When it comes to buying meat, you can’t compromise on quality. There is a huge difference between ordinary meat from feedlots and 100% grass-fed meat that is pasture raised.


Did you know that 97% of the beef for sale in the U.S. is grain-fed and processed in feedlots? Because of the crowded (and often filthy) conditions, these cattle are fed antibiotics to help prevent the spread of disease. The cattle are also unnaturally obese due to the administration of growth hormones and fatty fillers like corn, soy, and in some cases even animal byproducts and candy. As a result you get a fatty piece of meat tainted with antibiotics and hormones. This is not healthy. When we eat animals that are not healthy – we become unhealthy.


Thankfully a new company called ButcherBox has a solution. They deliver premium 100% grass-fed beef, organic/pastured chicken, and heritage breed pork directly to your door.


I talked with their team and was able to get you a special offer in your first box. Order now and get $10 OFF + Free Ribeyes (2 x 10oz) on your first order + free shipping.


Get the best meat delivered to your door and the peace of mind that comes with eating meat you can trust.


ButcherBox was named The Best Food Box of 2016 by Men’s Health and has been featured by the Today Show, New York Times, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company, and Food & Wine.
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