Mexico Beach Fire Department

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Project Description

“The Mexico Beach Emergency Services Unit recently took over all Fire and EMS responses for the City of Mexico Beach after the city council disbanded the Volunteer Fire Department. They are creating a new culture, one that is prideful, professional and creates warriors that are ready to tackle any of the demands the citizens ask them to complete. However, with any smaller community the current limiting factor is their budget to create this vision. Vast majority of the budget supports the wages of their part time medical responders. With receipt of the equipment from the 555 Fitness Grant we will be able to provide our 16 emergency responders the ability to develop their strength and conditioning within their home district, instead of traveling to neighboring communities. Some of Mexico Beach members are traveling 45 minutes away from the district for the programming they desire. Specifically, their program will be designed to simulate the cardiovascular demands of an emergency scene to prepare Fire Fighters for their jobs. We all know the #1 killer of America’s Fire Fighters is cardiac events. The last thing Miami Beach City can afford is to lose one of their dedicated responders.”

Miami Beach is also planning on this grant to providing fitness abilities to more than just their department. The Police Officers share the same facilities and compound, and they will also share access to the equipment.