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Webster’s dictionary defines “Salty” as: “Tasting of salt, impregnated with salt.” In the 1400s, this term would later be applied to Captains and seamen who spent many years on the open seas. The faces, skin, and hair of these veteran seamen were said to have a “salty look,” further defining the amount of time they had spent on the sea.The Fire Service adopted this term to apply to its most seasoned firefighters. Replacing the open seas with “the fire floor,” the term “salty” is something that is earned. It begins with your first crawl down a dark, smoky, hot hallway…..

Salty Dog Apparel was created to key on the fact we all love to do our job. We all want to be “busy”. In our business if you’re “salty” and you “go to work”, you get the respect from your coworkers around you. Every firefighter out there is proud of their lifestyle and always show their pride by wearing Fire Department logos with skulls, Maltese crosses and Gaelic symbols on their shirts and hats. However there is no company focused ONLY on the fact that we all want to be “Salty”. We decided to create firefighter lifestyle apparel so guys and gals could show off their love for their profession. We spend countless hours training and drilling all for the chance to make a difference and to get better every day. Basically, The more you do it ….the Saltier you get.

A lot of people ask us: “what exactly is a Salty Dog?” That’s a simple answer… It’s you.. it’s the firefighter in you…it’s an attitude…it’s a swagger… it’s a lifestyle. It’s every inch of you that wants to get better at this job every day. You don’t do it for glory, but just because you love it.

Salty Dog Apparel was started by two FDNY members who have loved and served on the job for over 20 years each. We hope to bring a little piece of our world in the FDNY to you and share all of our sayings and beliefs to you in our apparel. We believe in old school honor and tradition. About the generations of firefighters who came before us, and gave everything they had to build values and a way of life in this great calling. It is our privilege and goal to maintain that legacy. Above all, to keep the BROTHERHOOD alive. Hope to see you on the fire floor….Stay Low and Go….


A portion of the above t shirt sales supports the mission of 5-5-5 Fitness.