Seattle FD – Station 5

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Our fire station (Station 5) was closed and the members were temporarily relocated for 3 1/2 years due to a full remodel of our station and a major city project along the waterfront. On April 24th we moved back to our new “digs”.

I always knew moving was a process, but moving an entire station of four platoons (40+ members) is still an ongoing project, but one definite reason moral has been upbeat more than usual is due to your generosity. It is great to be in a new remodeled “home”, but when the workout equipment is brand new and totally applicable to what we do in the field. Words can’t describe our thankfulness.

Everyone is so pleased with the equipment and the small footprint it utilizes. Even the older guys are starting to partake in getting active now. The Airbike, Kettlebells, Sandbags, the Beaverfit Tactical Gym Box, bumper plates, Olympic bar, and all the other stuff is simply awesome.

I’ve never “won” anything in my life, (well, I did win a fire prevention poster contest in the early ’80’s when I was in 2nd grade), but to see the faces of all the members at our station and even folks who visit the station in sheer awe of the complete makeover we got…It means the world to me that I could be a part of making a difference…because of you.

Firefighter/Engineer Mitchell, Engine 5