Williamsport Bureau of Fire

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The Williamsport Bureau of Fire, led by Chief’s Todd Heckman and Mark Killian, embody all the characteristics of a fire department we believe deserve assistance through our grant to continue their physical fitness and wellness program. They are a 33 member career department that provides emergency response over 2,500 times year to their 36,000 residents. All their members participate in a physical fitness program and their department tied to make health conscious meals while on duty.

Additionally, Williamsport had their own firefighter close call. While working out during his shift, one of their members began experiencing chest pain and after being sent to the hospital – was diagnosed with a 100% blockage of a coronary artery which left him on the verge sudden cardiac death. After his heart surgery and stent placement, the entire membership took their health and wellness more seriously and changed their diet, began exercising, and getting routine checkups with their physicians yearly.

A Letter from Williamsport:

“On behalf of the entire Williamsport Bureau of Fire, we are extremely excited and thankful for being awarded the 555 Fitness and Fork and Hose Co. Fitness and Foodie Grant. For many years, the Williamsport Bureau of Fire has taken a proactive approach to the health and wellness of our personnel. What started out years ago as a mandatory yearly physical fitness test has evolved into a comprehensive physical fitness and nutritional program that focuses on daily physical training, proper nutrition habits, yearly medical exams, and yearly physical fitness evaluations. We are proud to have two ACE Certified Personal Trainers on our department who oversee our physical fitness program, and work one on one with personnel who may have specific questions or issues.

In conjunction with our physical fitness programs, we also understand the importance of proper nutrition. We pride ourselves on using as many local fresh food items as possible, including many items that our firefighters raise, or grow themselves! Just as the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s the heart of the firehouse as well. Our department holds fast to the tradition of sitting together as a crew and sharing meals which often include vegetables from our own gardens, eggs from a firefighters chickens, or wild game like venison or bear harvested by our firefighters during hunting season.”