Sandbag Mile

About Sandbag Mile

Want to do something awesome for Independence Day? All you need is a sandbag, an American flag and dozens of your closest friends. There are 9 divisions, kids are welcome to participate and you can compete anywhere in the good ol’ US of A between 1 and 10 July 2016.

How Sandbag Mile Works

  1. Register for Sandbag Mile (No need to wait. Click HERE.)
  2. A donation is made to 555 Fitness.
  3. You get a sweet Made In America PVC morale patch in the mail.
  4. You get an exclusive discount to Brute Force to purchase a sandbag (or several sandbags).
  5. The week of Independence Day you walk a mile carrying a sandbag and an American flag.
  6. Freedom wins.

More information…..visit The Sandbag Mile