Truckers WOD


If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not a professional blogger or writer. I’m just a firefighter telling his story. Up until now, we have been talking about my past and that’s how I planned this blog to go for the first five weeks or so. But just like in my career, things happen and change fast. Never fear, I still have a lot to tell you about Trucker’s life, but part 3 is about something amazing that happened after his death.

Chances are good that you probably know that each day 555 Fitness provides at least two workouts to our followers. One is our “mostly body weight WOD” (we have to say mostly because keyboard commandos get really mad if you have 350 days of only body weight and 15 of ones that use simple equipment) and our “Honor WODS.”  Each Honor WOD was created by the founder of 555, to honor every FDNY member lost during the terrorist attacks on 9/11. We have also created a few new Honor WODS since our inception for other firefighters killed in the line of duty.  I wanted to create one for Trucker, but I had no idea just how much this little legend’s life would play into it.

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Shortly after Trucker’s death, my phone started blowing up. Some people were asking me if I was going to make a Trucker WOD, and other people were suggesting their versions of what they thought it should look like.  I assured them that I was thinking about it, but wanted to speak to Joshua and Shauna first.  During my stay on Maui I was able to speak with both of them about this, and they were all in (shocking, right?). Seriously , these two never cease to amaze me.  Let me describe their reactions when I mentioned this.  Joshua smiled from ear to ear and said,  “Of course, sure, that would be so awesome.”   Shauna, well she gave me those eyes, put her hands on her heart and said, “Yes, that would be amazing.”

They did both have one request, which was that I would work with the owners of their local Crossfit Box, Crossfit Upcountry Maui.   Of course, I didn’t listen to them and started working on a WOD right away. I had this great idea to incorporate movements that Trucker loved to do and make a workout people could do with their kids. I planned to incorporate the concepts of family and love, that I learned from the Dukes, and turn it into a workout. Seemed like a good plan, to me at least. So I made up a workout, and sent it to Shauna for approval.

That’s when Shauna reminded me about Crossfit Upcountry’s role. Obviously, I totally forgot to include them in the process.   No seriously, that’s me. I shake my head up and down, say yes and 20 minutes later, I totally forget what I said yes about.  It’s a problem, I’m working on it, and had Mrs. Pip been there, it would not have gone down that way.   But honestly, I’m happy it did.  Enter Kehau( yup, she texted her name to me that way. I’m not getting it wrong anymore, now you won’t either.  She is the owner of Upcountry along with her husband, Frank,  and is basically an awesome person.

I’m not going to bore all the none fitness folks reading this with all the back and forth Kehau and I had with the movements, time domains, scaling and logistics of creating this workout. What I will tell you about is how two strangers, from very different backgrounds, with very different lives, in very different places, used lessons taught to us by a 3 year old to create a workout to honor him.

We wanted this workout to unite strangers and bring people together, people who may not normally have had the opportunity  to meet each other, hence the teams of three.   Three was chosen because not only was Trucker 3. during his short life, he brought people together. He introduced me to Kehau, to members of the FDNY, to members of fire departments all around the world and now, to all of you.  Then we included the burpees because Trucker loved burpees (I do too, but it’s cause I’m short).  There are 45 burpees to represent numerical total of Truckers initials (that was all Shauna).  The AMRAP time of 20:17 was used to represent the year he returned to the Lord and the rep scheme of 4/10/13 for his date of birth.


This  workout is special, and we hope that everyone who does it, does it with those who they don’t normally workout with. We hope that our “little legend’s” legacy of uniting continues.  Just like Trucker introduced me to so many amazing people, we hope his workout does the same. Maybe you could ask the gym on the other side of town to come in and do this one with you.  Think Globo Gym and Average Joes or the Engine and Ladder  coming together to honor Trucker.   I have included a link if you would like to turn this into a charity WOD and raise some funds.  I have also included a link to the free download of the 555 Fitness App. Trucker’s WOD will be our challenge for the month of April.  On the app, you can upload your time. This will give the Dukes family a chance to see just how many people have done the WOD.  Trust me, this will mean more to them then any amount of money raised.   Why you may ask???  Because, #TruckerRidesWithUs