343 WODS

555 Fitness Founder, Captain Larry Manasco, felt the need to create Honor Wods for each of the 343 FDNY members lost during the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. He began writing workouts, and putting them out each day, with a small bit of information about each members life. At the time, he had no idea these workouts would attract so much attention and end up not only in print but in a mobile app as well. He also never knew that so many family members of the victims would reach out to 555 Fitness to say  thank you and in some cases, help create the workouts for their loved ones.

More amazing than that, is the amount of gyms that are starting to programming these WODs, to honor these men and use as a tool to donate to 555 Fitness’s mission. These workouts are meant to challenge you, just as our FDNY brothers were challenged that day. As you work through the movements, keep their memory in your mind, their sacrifice in your mind, and those they left behind. These are some of the purest examples of the Train Hard Do Work lifestyle 555 was founded on.

Click here for the 343 WODS.